Service Components include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Pre-employment / Baseline Medical Examinations: this is crucial in order to ensure correct placement of workers according to their physical and mental compatibility to job specifications

  • Annual Medical Examination: this is a risk based medical examination to determine possible adverse effects on the employee as a result of exposure in the workplace

  • Exit Medical Examination: another crucial examination to be done when an employee leaves your services. This can protect the company from possible litigation

  • Monthly / Year end Reports on the health status of your employees

On-Site Medical Services:

  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA): It is aimed at planning the recommended medical surveillance programme for the company. The HRA takes note of the level of compliance with the relevant health and safety legislations.

  • Risk Based Medical Surveillance

  • Fit-for-duty Medical Testing

  • Emergency Medical Services

  • Assist with Standard Operating Procedures

  • Primary Health Care